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We are NOW seeking Any/All Video Content, i.e. Music Videos, Short & Feature Films, Series, Documentaries, Animated Shorts & Feature Films, & Musical/Theatrical/Spoken-Word Performances, to place on a Diverse Music Television Channel soon to be launched on Roku® that has the potential to be seen by Millions of Viewers. You MUST have proof of ownership or provide written PROOF that YOU have the rights to distribute the submitted content & be willing to sign a contract allowing us to distribute, edit, or alter said content on our channel & our affiliate's channels Free of ANY Monetary Obligations to the Owner/Distributor of ALL content submitted. What we are offering here is an opportunity to have Your Talent, as well as, Your Supporting Cast & Crew's Talents to be Promoted & Seen by Millions of viewers around the world to create opportunities for future projects in the wide variety of disciplines that exist in the Music, Film & Television Industries, so make sure you have your ROLL CREDITS tightened up on all content submitted. If you content is chosen to be aired, we are also requesting a separate & brief (5 seconds) video introduction to your content using our loosely scripted intro. Thank You & Break A Leg!!!

Please direct any questions or submit content for consideration via links or large file transfer platform to:

Bruce W. Glasgow

Program Director

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